Monday, April 7, 2008

Cinnabon in the Oven

That's right, Melissa is pregnant. And no, this isn't a dirty, rotten joke. We are excited, freaked-out, in disbelief, extremely fertile, nervous, and happy to share the news with y'all.
You might be able to do the math if you look closely at the picture, but if you can't see it clearly, we are about 11.5 weeks. D-day (and yes, that stands for Disembarkation Day) is estimated for October 23, 2008. It is a day that will forever be remembered as the day in which the tide changed in our lives (we will be buying lots more Tide to keep everything clean).

Here are a couple more pictures, in one you can see the baby waving at you -- or flipping you the bird, we can't be sure....

Melissa told me that she was pregnant by putting a box of my favorite junk food under the covers at bedtime. Its a good thing I didn't jump into bed. She had two positive pregnancy tests there as well. But we are only having one baby, just in case you were wondering.