Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Photo Shoot

Sawyer had his first photo shoot today! He did such a good job! I was getting a little worried because they were running about an hour behind, and I had tried to schedule his session before his nap time. Fortunately, the little guy hung in there for the whole shoot, and promptly fell asleep in his stroller as I was picking out pictures. It was so hard narrowing them down-he's just so stinkin' cute! Here are some for your viewing pleasure!

He has been showing off his teeth a lot more lately. For the first little while, whenever we tried to show people, he'd always cover them with his tongue. The bunny in the first picture got a nice slobbery kiss from Sawyer right before they took his picture. And that shovel in the last 2 pics, it went into his mouth 2 seconds after the picture was taken. I'm sure they've been in the mouths and grimy hands of many, many other children. Yahoo for germs!

This was the very first one she took-I'm glad he loosened up a little as the session went on! He looks so stiff, like he's not quite sure what to do, so he'll just lay there and smile at his silly mommy who was jumping around trying to get him to laugh.

We had a good time, and now that I know he CAN smile for cameras, we will be going much more often!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Quick post

Here are some pics of Sawyer's 2 teeth! I took the pics with my phone, so they aren't super great. The first one broke through a week before he turned 5 months, and the second one broke through a few days later. We call him "Piranha" because he loves to gnaw on anything that passes in front of his face.

He loves to eat sweet potatoes and squash, and we now strip him down to his diaper to eat (orange baby food is not fun to try and get out of clothes). He is getting pretty adept at rolling over and is practicing doing the inchworm to get to his toys. Greg and his Georgia uncles help him "practice" crawling and walking. I don't think they know what they are setting themselves up for! We go for his first professional photo shoot tomorrow, so I'll post real pics soon!

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