Monday, July 13, 2009

Panama City

For the 4th of July, we went to Panama City with the Cashmans and the Bakers for 3-6 days. (Some of the folks had to leave on Sunday and left the rest of us to bask in the gloriousness of the beach until Wednesday). We had a wonderful time! The weather was pretty much perfect the whole time we were there. We were not without our adventures though. On the drive down, Sawyer decided to spice things up a bit. TMI alert---he exploded out of his diaper, out of his clothes, and into his carseat. Fortunately, we had just pulled up to a gas station within minutes of him doing this. I had never been so excited to be at a gas station. I had to bathe my sweet, smelly baby in a gas station sink. He thought it was the most fun thing ever and enjoyed slipping and sliding around in the sink while I tried to clean him with wet wipes. Of course they didn't have paper towels, just the hand dryers. My poor, pregnant sister (yay for the Baker's bun in the oven!) tried to help me without puking on me or the baby. Once we got the little guy cleaned up and his carseat cleaned and deodorized, we were on our way again. We arrived safely to our beautiful condo for the week, and Sawyer was good as gold for the rest of the trip.
Greg and I our scuba-certified, and we convinced my dad, brother, and brother-in-law, to get certified too. They completed their open water dives and are now official scuba divers. Greg and I got to do a wreck dive while they were off being certified. We have been spoiled by the Caribbean waters though, and are probably scuba snobs, but it was still fun. The guys also went deep sea fishing while we were there and caught about 12 fish. They were very excited about their catch. I really only like shrimp, and they didn't catch any of those, so I won't be enjoying the fruits of their labor. (I use the word labor very loosely here-they were on a pretty sweet boat and loved every minute of it!)

Here is a pic of the boys with some of their fish.
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Yes, that is a sideburn in the shape of a lightning bolt on my husband's face. All I can say is, I choose my battles, and as far as his facial hair, it's just not worth fighting about it. Plus, it makes him so happy for some reason. He has to be fairly clean shaven at work, so I know whatever he etches into his face, will have to eventually be shaved off.

The pool area was beautiful, and we spent most of our time there.

I'm sure those people would love knowing that their fannies were posted on my blog. Do you ever wonder how many strangers have pictures of YOU in their photos? Kinda creepy if you think about it too long....

Here are a few pics of Sawyer enjoying his trip.

He enjoyed dining poolside.

I love, love, love when babies have their little feet crossed!

This is a shot taken from our balcony. Sunscreen makes pretty good hair product, huh? Yes, that is how I dressed him to go to the pool-plus a hat, and sunscreen. Even though he is darker than me, (I know what you're thinking, who isn't darker than Melissa?) I can't imagine anything worse than a sunburned baby, so I was extra careful.

I know I mentioned it earlier, but MY SISTER IS PREGNANT! I am so excited and can't wait for the little sugarbuns to get here. Her due date is January 25th, which seems like forever away! I know Sawyer will be glad to have a local cousin to wrestle/play with on a regular basis. I only hope to be as good of an aunt as she is to Sawyer.
Sawyer and I will be taking another road trip in about a week to visit some friends and family in the DC and PA area. Hopefully, it will go as well as the PC trip (minus the gas station bath of course!) I'll try to take more pics and post again soon!