Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's March already??

Okay, so I know the last time I posted was last year, but we've been pretty busy in the Pyne household. Greg is feeling better (yahoo!) and Sawyer, I swear, gets bigger every day! He had his 4 month checkup today. He is tipping the scales at 16.5 pounds (85%) and is 27 inches long(97%). The doctor said he is just a big, happy, healthy baby boy. I couldn't agree more!
Greg's sister, Kelly, got to come and visit us for a weekend in February. Her husband, Cardon, bought her a ticket to Atlanta. We had fun showing her some of the finer things Atlanta has to offer, as well as introducing her to her newest nephew. Hurry back, Kelly-Sawyer misses you!

Sawyer had his first airplane ride a few weeks ago out to Utah. Greg's sweet Grandma Bea passed away, and we went out for the funeral and to visit with family and friends. He was so good on the trip out-he only got antsy a few times, but settled down if we got up and walked around a little. He slept almost the whole flight home, which was great since I was flying back minus Greg (he had to be at work on Monday, and I stayed out until Tuesday to visit some family and friends).
Here's a pic of him snoozing on the plane.

As we were going through security in the Salt Lake City airport, they made me take Sawyer's tennis shoes off! The people behind me in line couldn't believe it, but I slid his tiny shoes off and sent them to be x-rayed. We can all sleep tight knowing that every security precaution is being taken!
Here is another pic of Sawyer trying on his "snowsuit" for Utah.

Here's a picture of 4 generations of Pyne men. Check out Sawyer's cute tie-he got so many compliments on it-check out Dainty Couture on etsy for other "little man ties".

Greg and I are also attempting to complete the P90X program. (Y'all can stop laughing, I'm going to try to do it or at least some version of it). We got off to a pretty good start, but then got derailed with company, sickness, and our trip out to Utah. Our goal is to start up again this weekend and stay strong for 90 days (of pure torture) I'll let you know how things go. It is geared for people who are already in shape and are wanting to take things to the next Xtreme level (okay really, stop laughing).

Other good news, Greg passed his boards-yahoo! Not that there was any doubt in my mind, but I know he was relieved to get that news in the mail!

Here's just a random cute pic of Sawyer in his outfit from my Aunt Anita and Uncle Dale from Wisconsin. I love the hat-it's my favorite part of the outfit. Check out that belly and double chin action going on (not mine, Sawyer's)

Since the weather's been pretty decent, we've had a few bonfires out at the house. Here's Greg and Sawyer showing off the awesome fire.

This has been a very abbreviated version of events from the past 2 1/2 months. I mean, we celebrated Christmas, New Year's, our 2nd anniversary, etc , and each of those events deserve their own post, but I'm lazy. I know I won't get around to it all, so just know we had a fabulous Christmas, a great New Year's Eve (Sawyer stayed up til 11:57-he just couldn't hang on for those last 3 minutes), and a romantic anniversary.
My goal is to update at least 2 times a month-wish me luck!