Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Some belated birthday fun

I wanted to post a few pics from Sawyer's first birthday party. He really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so we had a Mickey party. He had a few friends come and play, plus a ton of family. Grandpa Terry and Grandma Sue flew out from Utah to visit and participate in the festivities.

Greg was inspired by the show, Ace of Cakes, and took on the challenge of making Sawyer's birthday cake. I was going to just make cupcakes with mini oreo ears, but Greg had grander plans. He decided to replicate Mickey's Clubhouse. This is what it looks like on the show.
This is Greg's version. Not too shabby for a first time kiddie cake maker!

I made these Mickey party hats for everyone to wear, which most did without complaining (except for the birthday boy). Here, they are being modeled by some of the party guests. (A special thanks to Amylou for cutting out those circles for me at school).

We had a knock-off version of Cafe Rio for lunch and then birthday cake. Sawyer was a fan of the cake and frosting. Here he is after his first few bites

and a shot towards the end.

He had such a good time and enjoyed getting to play with his buddies, Graham and Lydia.

Here we are opening some of his presents.

This one is from Uncle Dave-it's his very first movie. It's called "It"-by Stephen King-a must see for the 1 year old crowd (Uncle Dave says, "but it has a clown in it")

Here he is opening a few more with his dad, and me looking on.

Fun was had by all ( I hope!)

In other news, Greg had surgery on his eyes this past Friday. It is called PRK, and will give him 20/20 vision(or pretty close to it). I got to watch the procedure and thought it was pretty cool. The sound of the laser is scarier than anything that you actually see going on. He was uncomfortable the first few days, but he is now feeling and seeing much better.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving! May you all get to spend time with friends and family and eat lots of good food!