Friday, December 18, 2009

Sawyer's visit to Santa

Sawyer got to see Santa twice this week! His first visit was at our local mall, where interestingly enough, depending on the time you visit, you can see a white Santa or a black Santa. We were there on a Wednesday, so the line wasn't too long. Here is a shot of Sawyer and I waiting in line.

Still waiting.....

He did such a good job! I was afraid he was going to wonder why his mom was putting him on a stranger's lap, but he didn't seem to mind. This was the picture you had to buy if you wanted to take pics with your own camera.

Here are a few Greg took. Sawyer had to check Santa out at first.

Then he got comfy and smiled for us.

We then saw Santa at my sister's school. She teaches Kindergarten, and before their Christmas break, they have a Polar Express Day. The kids wear their jammies to school and get to watch Polar Express the movie, drink hot cocoa, and meet Santa. Sawyer got to participate in some of the festivities.

Here the kids are "riding" the Polar Express to see Santa. Sawyer is the little stowaway on the 4th row in green pajamas.

Here he is with Santa (does Santa look familiar? Yep, it's my dad!)

Just in case I don't get to update before Christmas, Merry Christmas! We hope y'all all have a great holiday!