Saturday, September 13, 2008

Noccalula Falls

Greg and I took a mini vacation to Gadsden, Alabama to see the world famous Noccalula Falls. Okay, so maybe the waterfall isn't world famous, but it is listed as one of the most beautiful places in Alabama. Greg has never been to Alabama (my birthplace, but don't tell anyone), and we didn't want to be driving all day to go somewhere, so we chose to give it a try. They have a little train that takes you throughout the park. You can get off at any of the stops and hop back on, or just walk-it is a fairly small park. They have an animal habitat with a petting zoo, some deer, and a lioness (she wasn't part of the petting zoo). How random is that though-a big ol' lion in the middle of a petting zoo. They also have a little village you can walk through and see old buildings and artifacts. The highlight of the park is, of course, the waterfall. We hiked down to the waterfall, which was pretty. We were able to hike behind the waterfall and take some pictures. The statue of Noccalula at the top of the waterfall makes it appear like she is jumping off the cliff. Apparently, it was the first statue of its kind when it was created-kind of morbid I think, to have a suicidal statue, but that's just my opinion. Since it no longer is the only jumping off a cliff statue, that means there are more out there-creepy.

Here is the train we rode on through the park.

The waterfalls and a bellyshot-I am 33 weeks in these pics.
The suicidal statue

Behind the waterfall

We had so much fun and enjoyed just getting to spend some time together. We only have a few more weeks together by ourselves, which is a scary/exciting thought! We can't wait to be parents, but we are a little freaked out when we really think about it.
I had a doctor's appointment when we got back on Monday, and our little guy, isn't so little. They think he weighs about 6.5 pounds right now. Supposedly, they gain 1/2 a pound a week at this point, so if he goes the 40 weeks, he'll be a 10 pounder. Yay for me! I was a 10 pound baby, so I guess it is only fair that I have a big baby too. Wish me luck!